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Evaluate your success with the Pre_Scribed webinar series

Christine Mortensen // in Strategy

Every day, thousands of online marketers embark on an ambitious journey to promote their wares, sell their “widgets,” and engage prospective and current customers. Amid all this competition, how can you stand out and achieve your goals? 

Realizing that we can’t answer that question in a singular blog post, a year ago we decided to give marketers the tools and guidance necessary to start the journey. So we launched Pre_Scribed, a six-part webinar series geared towards the specific needs of the healthcare industry.

If you’ve followed our series, you know that so far we’ve taken you through five major steps every healthcare marketer must take when kicking off new digital marketing initiatives. Whether you're creating a targeted online ad campaign, social media marketing strategy, global product launch, or anything in between, there are many considerations to keep in mind before even getting started. 

The first 5 steps to a digital marketing launch

A quick recap of the topics we've covered so far—check them out if you need to catch up:

  1. Define your goals
  2. Create your plan
  3. Design your content
  4. Coordinate your channels
  5. Implement your program

That leaves us with the last and most crucial piece of this complex puzzle: measuring the outcome. There's truth in the old cliché that you don’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been. As such, the last portion of our six-part webinar series focuses on gauging results, analyzing ROI, enhancing your program, and planning for continued content creation. 

Our hour-long presentation covered many recommendations for evaluating and optimizing your initiatives, and we encourage you to listen for yourself.

Pre_Scribed Step 6—Evaluate Your Success:

  • Aligning your analytics to each stage of the traditional marketing funnel
  • Understanding site metrics
  • Reaching actionable insights
  • Aligning conversion criteria with marketing objectives
  • Formulating ROI
  • Mapping out your channels (look across the whole continuum)
  • Honing goals and tools for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Promoting digital strategy globally (syndication)
  • Extending your program into other channels
  • Reviewing the campaign process with the team
  • Applying lessons learned to future campaigns




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