5 Great Sites for Web Design Inspiration

Looking for a bit of inspiration for your next creative project? Look no further! Here are a few websites I would recommend bookmarking the next time you have a creative block.

  1. Dribbble

    Dribbble showcases creative work with a clever basketball draft concept. Creatives must be “drafted” in order to post “shots” of their work. Frequent posting helps a designer to garner feedback from the Dribbble community and serves as great self-promotion. Prospects can use Dribbble to explore other design work until they’re drafted.

  2. Icebergs

    If you’re sick of all those screenshots on your desktop then Icebergs is the perfect tool for you. Icebergs is a cloud-based app that allows creatives to categorize inspiration into – you guessed it, different icebergs! Users can install a handy web extension onto their Chrome toolbar and simply drag and drop images into their icebergs, or upload images from their drive. Icebergs is also great for collaborating with teams.

  3. CreativeMornings

    Get inspired in-person with CreativeMornings (CM). Founded in NYC by Swissmiss, CreativeMornings is a breakfast lecture series that occurs monthly across the globe, with various themes and speakers. These designers, educators, and overall creative folks give a loose interpretation of the month’s theme while also providing an inspiring story; no two lectures are the same. Coffee and a quick breakfast snack is often provided as well as extra time to mix and mingle. If you can’t make it to a CM event, you’re in luck. CM lectures are video recorded and available online for free!

  4. Niice

    This “search engine with taste” pulls in inspiration from several popular creative sites, (including siteInspire, Behance, and Designspiration). Users can browse the most recent uploads, or search for specific keywords. “Surprise Me” is a new feature that shuffles the deck and searches a random keyword for you. Browsing Niice is a great way to keep up with current design trends.

  5. chiPD

    Chicago Product Designers (better known as chiPD) is a great resource that is closer to home for us Vodorians. The chiPD site showcases work from a collection of product designers based in the Windy City, provides job seekers with a Chicago-based job board, and houses a resource library with articles of varying topics, including visual design, mobile design, collaboration, and strategy. If you’re looking to fill a position at your company, chiPD might be a great place to start. All job postings are free and are also published to Twitter. And for anyone trying to brush up on the basics, the resources section is a must visit.