Are Google and Microsoft Word Taking Design Cues from Each Other?

The other day, Mac users at Vodori got a little treat: an upgrade to Microsoft Office 2011. While I’m neither a master of the spreadsheet nor the power presenter, I do appreciate the Office suite, especially Word. It’s my go-to word processor, like Google is my go-to search engine. And now they have an eerie similarity.

When I opened Word for the first time, I noticed Microsoft already placed the suite application icons in my dock (thanks?). Not only were the icons for Word, Power Point, Excel, and Outlook (yes! no more Entourage, folks) now in my dock, they’re sporting a bright, new look.


The Microsoft Office suite icons for Mac.

Microsoft Word smacks of Google Wave

I couldn’t help but notice that the Word icon in particular reminded me of something. But what was it? Google Wave? Really? Microsoft took design cues from Google?! I don’t think they did as the ribbon/wave design style is something of a trend. Even so, I couldn’t help but bust open Photoshop to have a little fun.

What do you think?


Word or Wave? Worve?