Why We’re Announcing The Pepper Flow Acceleration Program

In the months leading up to a product launch, and in some cases, FDA approval, creation of promotional, medical affairs, disease-state, and market-access materials ramps up exponentially. As the pace and volume amplifies, so does the need for speed, accuracy, and efficiency between MLR team members.

At Vodori, we’ve seen firsthand the challenges companies face when working to approve materials quickly and compliantly. We’ve also seen this process further complicated when working without a promotional review system in place. Prior to a product launch, we’re well aware that budgets can be tight, especially for organizations targeting orphan disease therapies, which drive innovation for underserved patient populations. Now, more than ever, we want to play a bigger part in their launch process. Because when our customers succeed, patients succeed.

What is the Pepper Flow Acceleration Program?

When approval comes, you will be ready. Eligible life science companies will receive Pepper Flow review software at no cost until product launch date. This allows MLR teams to cost-effectively prepare messaging, review concepts, and approve collateral all within a digital platform, from anywhere in the world, streamlining their path to compliant content as organizations prepare for their launch date.

Eligible companies receive:

  • A system that grows with them, beginning with an out-of-box offering to get up and running quickly and then scaling up with growth
  • Waived implementation fee
  • Waived subscription fee until the company’s product launch date
  • A scalable, competitive pricing model post-product launch
  • Free agency users

We are excited about the opportunity to help companies improve their MLR process. In doing so, we hope this initiative contributes to improved messaging and materials within the marketplace, better educating HCPs and patients alike about available therapies.

To learn more, visit www.vodori.com/accelerate or contact sales@vodori.com to see if you qualify.