Client Challenge

A global Fortune 500 healthcare company came to us with an ambitious project: unify brand messaging and styling across their 23 divisional websites in 9 months. Doing so involved modernizing their web designs, optimizing sites for tablet and mobile, and integrating their sites with internal and external systems.

Company Profile

Fortune 500 Company – 5 Diagnostics Divisions

Products used

Pepper® Canvas

In total, more than 1,200 web pages needed to be updated, redesigned, and then reviewed by marketing, legal, and regulatory teams–requiring extensive consensus-building with both internal and external teams.


Geolocation Strategy
To ensure a seamless user experience globally, Vodori Digital Consulting devised and implemented a geolocation strategy to ensure visitors land on the appropriate regional site and see content in their language.

Enhanced User Experience
To enhance the usability of our client’s existing web designs, our team prescribed best practices for responsive design and developed a color strategy for visual consistency and usability standards. We also updated copy and produced imagery for three of the five divisions, accounting for approximately 75% of the total webpages. Finally, SEO elements were enhanced across sites to improve discoverability of our client’s content.

Website Development & Integrations
Once strategy and user experience updates were defined, our team developed websites for all five company divisions. The new websites, built on Pepper® Canvas, were integrated with translation vendors allowing for faster authoring and publishing of global marketing content. We also incorporated third-party vendor capabilities, including Hubspot and KANA, and defined and executed a cross-divisional software validation process.


  • Site traffic for one divisional site rose by 51%, strongly indicating greater interest post-relaunch
  • Mobile use for one divisional site grew 48%, confirming the value of a responsive site
  • Returning visitors accounted for 43% of one site’s traffic, implying greater value for users
  • Percent of new users to one site increased 12%, showing growth of brand awareness and interest
  • The level of effort required to create new web pages decreased significantly due to translation integrations

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