Client Challenge

Our client needed a new CMS for the company’s line of diabetes management products. When they came to us, they had 25 websites in 25 languages that had inconsistent technology, branding, and governance. Since many affiliates in small countries lacked local marketing support or budget, brand messaging was inconsistent and content was frequently out of date.

Company Profile

Global leader of In Vitro Diagnostics

Products used

Pepper® Canvas

The sites also lacked a systematic workflow and auditing capabilities. To remain competitive, the client needed to get digital content for new products and supporting educational material into markets as quickly as possible and ensure consistent messaging around the world.


Global Website Design and Development
Leveraging Pepper Canvas as the CMS, we designed and developed websites for all 25 affiliates. The sites were all connected to a standard web library that allowed the Global Marketing team to automatically distribute new digital assets across all countries once content was copied, translated, and routed for approvals; this capability was particularly valuable for smaller countries that lacked local marketing support. The new platform also incorporated a wide variety of custom functionality, including forms, campaigns, online ordering, training, and microsites.

Optimized Translation Process
When the rollout began, the client’s Global Marketing team prepared a single content document for the entire site and sent it for translation in 18 languages. When loading the translated content, we discovered that the translation vendor did not create localized versions of common languages (e.g., different French versions for France, Belgium, and Canada). We then worked with the vendor to create locale-specific translations and reviewed them with affiliate countries prior to loading into the system, which resulted in a significantly better product. This process was used in later rollout phases.

Affiliate Training
As part of the rollout, we also created comprehensive training materials and conducted monthly training calls with affiliates. With the rolling training sessions, site owners could easily learn how to manage their own content and updates.

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  • Centralized platform reduced cost to create and manage affiliate websites by 50%–amounting to a savings of more than $4.5 million over three years
  • Reduced time needed to commercialize content and support products from months to weeks
  • New platform enabled all regions to keep digital content up to date
  • Smaller affiliates are now able to take advantage of the economies of scale and ease of translation, giving them new-found marketing power
  • Centralized platform enabled consistent alignment with corporate IT security requirements

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