Client Challenge

Our client, a Fortune 500 Global Diagnostics Company,  needed a digital solution to streamline and elevate their customer support processes. Their primary goals were to:

  • Drive customer loyalty and retention
  • Enable service delivery and support for global audience
  • Decrease cost of service while increasing services provided
  • Increase brand awareness
Company Profile

Fortune 500 Global Diagnostics Company


Vodori Digital Consulting developed a multi-language customer portal to help our client serve and support their customers worldwide. Our in-house team built the portal from the ground up, including information architecture, experience design, development, validation, and hosting. Ultimately, we delivered a user-friendly portal with robust functionality, such as:

Authentication via secure login with SSO and role-based access restrictions.

Personalization in the form of translated content, user-specific product information, a virtual lab with customer products, lab instrument nicknaming, and notification preferences.

Self-Service Features including product incident submission and real-time status reporting, as well as document search and download.

Integrations with several external systems including Salesforce, Oracle, Mailgun, and more.

Vodori is a company that is with you all the way. They are not a vendor who is eager to sell to you and then disappear. Vodori is a company that partners with our business, understands and cares about our business, and provides strategic, innovative and creative ideas.


  • 20,000+ active user accounts
  • 30,000+ technical document downloads per month
  • Dozens of incidents managed through portal every month

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