Vodori Cuts Costs by 50% with Global Marketing Platform

Pepper Platform Migration and Governance Strategy

Our client, a global leader of in vitro diagnostics, wanted a new platform for its line of diabetes management products. Their marketers needed to rein in 25 websites that used different technologies, had inconsistent data security & IT compliance, featured inconsistent branding, lacked global governance, and offered no systematic workflow or auditing capability. Marketing support for affiliate sites in many small countries was nonexistent. The current situation left them unable to get new products to market quickly, to focus spending on strategic marketing investments, and ensure consistent brand messaging around the world.

Vodori successfully built and rolled out 25 new websites—in 25 languages—in a cost efficient way that created significant economies of scale. We also established a universal governance model that paved the way for better program execution worldwide. The platform enabled brand consistency and increased the Global Marketing team’s leverage within the organization…

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