Review and Approve With Ease

  • Don’t wait your turn. Comment, review, and approve content at the same time as your MLR colleagues to minimize back and forth.
  • Write and draw what you mean. Provide detailed comments on content with drawing tools so feedback is clear and documented.
  • Re-assign work when it’s needed most. Going on vacation? No problem. Choose a delegate for all jobs assigned to you to ensure timelines continue as planned. You can also assign to an alternate reviewer on a per-job basis.

Accelerate Speed to Market

  • Speed up preparation with Smart Referencing. Allow Pepper Flow to suggest reference links in your promotional pieces based on previously substantiated claims. What once took an hour can now be done in minutes.
  • Reduce bottlenecks to promote progress. Prioritize and assign tasks to colleagues, using the workflow job dashboard to view upcoming deadlines and job status.
  • Integrate with all your vendors. Pepper Flow supports integrations to the majority of enterprise applications, including translation providers, printers, CRMs, ERPs, social media channels, website publishing software, and more.
  • Repurpose content with confidence. Localize, translate, and publish content to the appropriate global markets with ease. A relationship trail between versions accelerates the med/reg review process by leveraging previous approvals. Receive notifications when changes are made to the original file so your localized content stays in sync.
  • Manage FDA Submissions. Easily gather promotional assets, reference documents, and generate a pre-populated FDA 2253 form using the information stored in Pepper Flow, reducing manual intervention and further streamlining the compliance process.

Improve Future Content Creation

  • Act on the metrics that matter. From number of revisions to an individual team member’s productivity, you’ll receive accurate insight into your workflow processes. Trust Pepper Flow to capture the detailed metrics that you need to make smarter decisions.
  • Identify what content works. See how content performs after it has been approved in Pepper Flow. Content usage metrics help you determine if sales and marketing teams leveraged your content to close a sale or if your message needs improvement.

Manage the Entire Content Lifecycle

  • Move from approval to publish. Integration of Pepper Flow with Pepper® Canvas moves webpages from approved to live in seconds. Make webpage changes within Canvas and route for re-approval in Pepper Flow as needed. Push and share approved collateral to your sales reps through Pepper Folio®.
  • Support all files. In-app review and annotations support Microsoft Office documents, PDFs, images, videos, and even webpages to ensure all content goes through the same workflow process.
  • Manage and link references. Intuitive linking between content, reference documents, and supporting assets allows you and others to review and approve all claims.

Customize As You Need and When You Want

  • Choose Off-the-Shelf or Custom Options. Pepper Flow’s standard configuration is modeled after a typical life science SOP. However, no matter how complex your SOPs and integrations, Pepper Flow can be configured to fit your organization’s specific needs.
  • Stay updated, but on your own schedule. Software updates are released each quarter to ensure Pepper Flow customers get the latest technology. You choose when to upgrade to minimize interruptions on your organization’s operations.

Be Confident that We’ve Got Your Back

  • Provide feedback and get an answer. The Pepper Flow architecture and experience was designed and developed for life sciences promotional review. Your feedback is valuable as we continue to make improvements and develop new features that satisfy the industry’s ad/promo review needs.
  • Gain reliable, fast support. We are available to answer any questions or troubleshoot any issue via online chat, email or phone. All of this is included in the standard Pepper Flow license.
  • Receive free training for the team. We’ll create and run a personalized training program that will help guide and transition your team to Pepper Flow so workflow efficiencies are gained right away.