Distribute Content at the Right Time

  • Deliver approved, compliant content. Pepper Folio integrates with Pepper Flow® to move content from the promotional review process to publication, into the hands of sales reps.
  • Control your content. Automatically push the most recent version of content to sales reps and pull back expired content when needed.
  • Store all content, regardless of file type. Use PDFs, videos, PPTs, interactive sales playbooks, and more in Pepper Folio. The mobile application also acts as your organization’s app store by managing all of your rich HTML5 apps.
  • Available wherever you are. Plan for sales meetings on the computer and access those assets on any iOS device when on-the-go. Always having Pepper Folio at your fingertips means never missing an opportunity to sell.

Tailor to Your Organization

  • Mirror your sales cycle. Categorize and organize content with custom labels and groupings that align with your organization’s lingo and sales strategy.
  • Brand it. Customize Pepper Folio with your company’s logo and colors so content is always presented in a format that is reflective of your brand’s look and feel.
  • Cater to everyone, everywhere. Content can be pushed to sales reps based on their language and/or region permissions.

Empower Sales Reps

  • Encourage personalized presentations. Sales reps can group materials to personalize a customer sales call by creating a collection. Content can also be favorited for future easy access.
  • Engage customers with digital leave-behinds. A convenient share button allows content to be emailed to customers right on the spot.
  • Support offline usage. Download content to your device to access in remote areas that don’t have an internet connection.
  • Signal new updates. Push notifications alert sales reps when new content is available for use.

Know What Content Works

  • Track what’s used. Know what pieces of content are being used by your team and how often.
  • Measure success. See what resonates well with customers and drive sales. Use that knowledge to help create future content.

Protect Your Content

  • Secure with single sign on (SSO). Pepper Folio integrates with your organization’s existing SSO to guarantee fast, secure access to content.
  • Leave security to us. All data and information stored in Pepper Folio is encrypted in transit and at rest.
  • Safeguard “internal” content. Distinguish between internal and external use content. When content is marketed “internal,” sharing is disabled to prevent unauthorized access.

Be Confident that We’ve Got Your Back

  • Provide feedback and get an answer. The Pepper Folio architecture and experience are designed and developed specifically for the life science industry. Your feedback is valuable as we continue to make improvements and develop new features that satisfy the industry’s needs.
  • Gain reliable, fast support. We are available to answer any questions or troubleshoot any issue, with an average turnaround time of four hours for support requests.
  • Receive free training for the team. We’ll create and run a personalized training program that will help guide and transition your team to Pepper Folio so content distribution efficiencies are gained right away.