Pepper Library

The digital asset management (DAM) repository for all your content.

  • One single source of truth that houses all assets
  • Searchable and filterable interface
  • Archives all drafts for audit reporting
  • Content expiration management
  • Comes with subscriptions to Pepper Flow, Pepper Canvas, and Pepper Folio/FolioGo

Pepper Flow

Supports the ability to route, review, comment, approve, and distribute collateral.

  • Flexible and customizable parallel and serial workflow configurations
  • Real-time user collaboration with annotations and visuals
  • Digitally cite references and claims before routing promotional items for approval
  • Subscribe to system-level and user-level notifications

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Pepper Canvas

Pepper’s web content management tool that enables users to create, edit and publish websites.

  • Seamless review of websites in their native format
  • Easy global web expansion leveraging templates
  • Ensures brand consistency across the globe
  • Allowing management of localized and translated websites on a global scale

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Pepper Folio/
Pepper FolioGo

Providing sales and other teams with immediate access to the appropriate approved collateral.

  • Push notifications signal reps when new and updated files are available
  • Immediate publication and withdrawal
  • Secure encryption of all assets
  • Downloadable content for use in locations without Wi-Fi connection
  • User interface in multiple languages

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Pepper Insights

A dashboard that brings your Pepper Digital Experience Platform analytics to life.

  • Trace and report on all user interactions and material usage such as references, claims, and distributions
  • Increase visibility of end-user and group performance, bottlenecks, and overall system operational health
  • Learn behaviors from top performing users and for continuous improvement

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