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Digital commercial teams face an increasingly challenging environment: market, sell, and service sophisticated solutions — globally, and at the speed of business. Product launches, tradeshows, tender responses, training — these activities are the fixture of any large enterprise commercial team. When coordinating these activities globally in a dozen or more languages, the degree of difficulty rises by a factor of 10 faster than you can say localization.

The challenge: create leverage, drive global execution, and maintain business velocity. In true customer-driven product design, we have collaborated with our customers to specifically address this problem space with Pepper®. Sure, we can create, edit, manage, and distribute content across a variety of digital channels. The hard part is doing this in a way that solves the real challenges faced by global commercial teams trying to coordinate the activities of so many internal stakeholders. Did Japan receive and execute the campaign? Has Canada applied the updates to the product specifications? What is our average cycle time to launch new materials to the field? Who are the best content producers in marketing?

We understand the challenges of doing this well. This is why we founded Vodori. And this is why we created Pepper.

Pepper Highlights

Be Global, But Act Like a Local.

Preserving the integrity of your brand while adapting to a local audience is no easy feat. With Pepper, you can manage your corporate brand, and provide flexibility for local marketers to adapt content for the needs and nuances of the local market.

Work the Approval Process.

Whether your organization needs multiple approvals for content, or requires periodic audits, Pepper's customizable workflow works for you. A sophisticated, but intuitive workflow process ensures that the right content is approved and published, tracking every step along the way.

Find What You Need, When You Need It.

Pepper's secure repository houses all of your organization's content, from HTML5 mobile apps to web pages to job aids to sales presentations. Powerful search, configurable categorization, and tagging make it easy for your teams to quickly access what you need to develop the best experiences for your audiences.

We're a one-stop shop for all your needs.

When you rely on Pepper for your mission-critical content delivery, you get the benefits of a Vodori partnership. In addition to the product, we offer a full gamut of consulting services to help you invent and execute your digital commercial ideas. Find out what else we can do for you.
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Pepper Folio

Pepper Folio is an iPad app that connects the people in your organization with the content they need, anytime, anyplace. Leveraging the Pepper repository, Folio empowers your teams on the go.

Pepper Folio Highlights

  • Encrypted content synchronization and offline storage of assets from the Pepper server
  • Maintain chain of custody (business policy) for assets as files are approved, updated, or expired
  • User interface in multiple languages
  • Pepper Folio HTML5 Apps
  • Content available to download for offline use
  • Notifications to users on special content updates or announcements

Leave your infrastructure, data, and privacy concerns to us. Pepper and Pepper Folio are hosted in our secure cloud, so you can concentrate on running your digital programs.

Under the Hood

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