SEO DOA: 10 odd keywords that led people to our site

Successful search engine optimization demands you keep close tabs on your site’s organic search traffic—what keywords are people entering into search boxes before plopping down in your little corner of the Internet? By learning which topics and ideas your users find most relevant, you can make sure your site is winding up in front of the right eyeballs.

Google Analytics offers a handy way to access this data. Simply follow the menus from Traffic Sources -> Sources -> Search -> Organic, and presto: A report of the most popular keywords leading to your site. 

Of course, you’re always going to get some outliers.

Vodori Presents: The Bradley Cooper’s Hair Memorial Google Fail Awards

A little over a year ago, Vodori served up a sampling of the oddest keyword searches that somehow led Internet dwellers to our homepage. We decided to take another look and see what fresh enigmas have cropped up in recent months. All of these are phrases which led some intrepid Googler to, quite possibly to their (and our) utter confusion.

DISCLAIMER: As our first experiment revealed, a lot of people find us thanks to this post, a prime example of why just peppering your pages with popular keywords does not an effective SEO strategy make. Therefore, this list excludes any combination of words relating to Bradley Cooper’s hair…of which there were so, so many.

Damn you, you well-coiffed devil. We just can’t stay mad at you.

Without further ado, Vodori presents the Top 10 Google fails of the month.

1. Sitemesh vs Tiles: This was a surprisingly rousing mixed martial arts match, despite the fighters’ lackluster nicknames.

2. How to start from nothing: Were they hoping to live out a Horatio Alger success tale, or to create their own universe? Either way, we applaud the ambition.

3. Inside of a calculator: …is a tiny elf with an abacus. True story.

4. Original color Gatorade: Good to see there are still some sports-drink purists out there.

5. Dutch Predator: It’s got to be a challenge, stealthily prowling the jungles of The Netherlands while wearing those noisy wooden clogs.

It picked the wrong website to hunt.

6. Limb. We hope whoever entered this was interested in our handy-dandy UI-testing tool Phantom Limb. We hope they weren’t just searching for spare limbs. We hope.

7. Pencil sketches of eyes: In Soviet Russia, art looks at you!

8. Vodorot: Our lesser-known French arm specializes in designing websites about existential philosophy.

9. Rapid reporter: We hear Clark Kent of the Daily Planet turns out a news story faster than a speeding…umm…well, something that moves really fast.

10. Selling peppers online: Close, but no cigar.