Twitter Creatives: Who to Follow and Why

In the field of web design it is critical to stay on top of the current trends and ideas that are seemingly in a constant state of evolution. Blogs are a great way to keep current, but it’s difficult to keep up the plethora of content that is pouring through on a daily basis. That’s where Twitter comes in. Small snippets of ideas, technological advances, and new design trends are posted in 140 characters – making it easy to decide whether or not to investigate further.

Since Twitter is a website and most web designers are on the web for most of their days it’s easy to find those who are posing relevant content. Below is a short list of some of the more active design handles I personally follow that I find post quality, relevant content.

Because it’s important to stay relevant:

These influential members and staples of the web community speak to the trends, the newest technologies, and other relevant industry news. Additionally, they are all contributors themselves to the design and web development communities. Follow these handles to keep in the know.

Handle: @H_FJ
Company: Hoefler & Frere-Jones

Handle: @simplebits
Name: Dan Cederholm

Handle: @lukew
Real Name: Luke Wroblewski

Handle: @zeldman
Name: Jeffrey Zeldman

Handle: @jasonfried
Name: Jason Fried

Handle: @AIGAdesign & @AIGAChicago
Company: AIGA and the local AIGA Chicago chapter

Because they’re awesome designers:

These designers/companies tweet their recent work – which is always awesome. Follow these handles if you want to feel like less of a designer.

Handle: @dribbble
Company: Dribbble

Handle: @jolbyandfriends
Company: Jolby & Friends

Handle: @icreature
Company: Invisible Creature

Handle: @maxvoltar
Real Name: Tim Van Damme

Handle: @jasonsantamaria
Name: Jason Santa Maria

Because you might just learn something:

These blogs/sites tweet great articles all about design. Tutorials, free icon sets, industry best practices, etc. Follow these handles if you like to learn.

Handle: @alistapart
Blog: A List Apart – For people who make websites

Handle: @designrelated
Company: Design Related

Handle: @smashingmag
Company: Smashing Magazine

We’ve started a Creatives Twitter list with these fine folks for you. Give us your suggestions in the comments below and we can keep the list growing.