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    Vodori announces the expansion of Pepper Cloud® software to provide next-generation closed-loop content management for life sciences

    The introduction of Pepper Folio® and Pepper Insights® enables life science companies to achieve a collaborative, compliant, data-driven content ecosystem


    Chicago, IL – December 2, 2020Vodori, creator of cloud-based software that revolutionizes how life science companies get regulated content to market, today announced two new products: Pepper Folio, a sales enablement platform, and Pepper Insights, an embedded analytics solution.

    These new cloud software applications further extend the capabilities of Vodori’s Pepper Cloud Product Suite, which delivers a complete content management solution to life sciences companies, and includes:

    • Pepper Flow®: Next-generation medical information and promotional review software
    • Pepper Folio: Sales enablement software that delivers timely, compliant content to sales reps and MSLs
    • Pepper Insights: An embedded analytics solution that tracks team processes and content performance with actionable analytics and stunning data visualizations

    “With the launch of Pepper Flow in 2018, we redefined how life science companies review and approve content, improving their overall speed to market,” says Vodori Founder and CEO Scott Rovegno. “Vodori’s software solutions are known for innovative features, easy-to-use interface, and world-class customer service. By expanding our product suite with Pepper Folio and Pepper Insights, we’re now enabling life science companies to achieve a collaborative, compliant, data-driven content ecosystem.”

    “Speed and efficiency are key to maintaining a competitive edge in the rapidly changing life sciences industry, and we’re excited to help our customers deliver on those critical missions,” says James Hussey, a 35 year veteran of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry and member of Vodori’s Board of Directors. “These new products set the stage for infusing more AI and machine learning into Vodori’s products so that speed and efficiency aren’t just goals–they’re achievable realities. It’s time to stop tormenting your folks in Medical with old, klugey and expensive software solutions they all hate. Let them join the 21st century.”

    The Pepper Cloud family of products help life science companies streamline how marketing, medical, legal and regulatory professionals work together. Once advertising, promotional, and scientific content has been approved in Pepper Flow, it is automatically available in Pepper Folio so sales reps and MSLs always have access to the latest content for engaging healthcare providers and key opinion leaders. When in the field, reps and MSLs can use Pepper Folio to curate content collections, eDetail on the spot, and share content after engagements to stay connected. 

    Throughout the content lifecycle, teams are able to pull a wide range of data sets from Pepper Insights–from average content review times to which content sales reps are using most–to drive high-value content creation and optimize their internal processes. The powerful trifecta of Pepper Flow, Pepper Folio, and Pepper Insights will make it easier for pharmaceutical, biopharma, medical device, and diagnostic companies to improve their competitive advantage, market products with efficiency, and maintain rigorous compliance with global industry regulations.

    To learn more about the entire Pepper Cloud Product Suite, visit

    About Vodori
    Vodori is the creator of the Pepper Cloud Product Suite: cloud-based, enterprise-grade software that revolutionizes closed-loop content management for life science companies. The Pepper Cloud Product Suite, which includes Pepper Flow, Pepper Folio, and Pepper Insights, is used by thousands of life science professionals in more than 35 countries worldwide. Vodori is committed to excellence in product usability and providing world-class customer service. For more information, visit

    Annalise Ludtke
    Vodori, Inc.

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