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Integrate the content supply chain to simplify the promotional review process, expedite approvals and publication, cut cost and risk, and drive commercial results.

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Vodori provides solutions that simplify how life science companies create, approve, and distribute promotional content. By integrating the touch points and capturing the data at each user interaction, Vodori helps companies move beyond digital promotional review to provide actionable insights.

This insights-driven approach yields performance metrics not just on the job or approver but also whether the content was commercially successful — generating leads, educating a stakeholder, or satisfying a customer. Vodori enables marketers to confidently redirect their efforts from process support to creating content that matters.
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Products & Services

Our Solutions

Pepper® Canvas for Digital Content Publishing
Create and manage interactive documents, websites, and portals

Pepper Flow® for Promotional Review Management
Simplify the review and approval of promotional materials during medical, legal and regulatory (MLR) review

Pepper Folio® for Sales Enablement
Enable sales teams to identify and use latest approved collateral for customer engagement

Pepper® Library for Digital Asset Management
Manage all of your collateral in one centralized location

Vodori Interactive
Plan, execute, and optimize commercial programs