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    Vodori Announces the Pepper Flow Acceleration Program | Vodori

    With the Pepper Flow Acceleration Program, eligible companies can streamline pre-launch promotional review at no cost


    Chicago, IL – October 23, 2018 —Vodori, Inc., an innovator in life science content management, today announces a new program available to pre-market life science companies that provides Pepper Flow® at no cost until product launch date. Pepper Flow is a promotional review software that provides marketing, legal, medical, and regulatory teams with a intuitive platform to streamline collaboration and improve compliance across materials. Pepper Flow embraces teamwork and communication, supporting visibility into work in-flight and collaborative reviews, commenting, and approvals.

    As emerging pharmaceutical and medical device companies gear up for FDA approval or CE marking of their drug, therapy, or device, companies balance the demands of commercialization with available human and capital resources. And yet it is these small, early stage companies that often target orphan diseases or otherwise drive innovation for underserved patient populations. Vodori is excited to play a part in helping these companies bring their products to market.

    The Pepper Flow Acceleration Program enables qualifying pharmaceutical and medical device companies to receive Pepper Flow at no cost until their product launch date, creating tremendous value for life science companies when they need it most. With Pepper Flow, MLR teams can cost-effectively prepare messaging, review concepts, and approve collateral all within a digital platform, from anywhere in the world.

    “It wasn’t that long ago that Vodori was a start-up. I remember the favorable terms our partners offered us at that critical stage of our development,” said Scott Rovegno, President & CEO of Vodori. “It is extremely humbling and gratifying to help our customers in much the same way to maximize their chances of launch success. We believe strongly that our work helps bridge patients and physicians to the products that improve the health and well being of patients worldwide. This program is a reflection of that mission.”

    Eligible companies receive:

    • A system that grows with them, beginning with an out-of-box offering to get up and running quickly and then scaling up with growth
    • Waived implementation fee
    • Waived subscription fee until the company’s product launch date
    • A scalable, competitive pricing model post-product launch
    • Free third-party agency users

    To see if you qualify, visit

    About Vodori
    Since 2005, Vodori has helped clients in the life science industry market, sell, support and service their clients. Vodori builds, implements, and supports Pepper Flow for its customers. Pepper Flow is part of the Pepper Cloud® Product Suite, a hub of SaaS products that enables organizations to manage, approve, publish, and withdraw content on a global scale, all from one platform. For more information, visit

    Niki Drelicharz
    Vodori, Inc.

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