Deliver Timely, Compliant Content with Pepper Folio

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Search, sort, and filter to find Pepper Flow-approved materials instantly
Access and present a variety of file types including PDFs, presentations, videos, and HTML5 apps
Automatically push materials upon approval and withdraw upon expiration to ensure only approved, up-to-date content is in use
Prepare for a customer interaction by grouping and favoriting materials you’ll need

Deliver the Right Content at the Right Time

Pepper Folio integrates with Pepper Flow® to seamlessly move your approved materials into the hands of sales reps and MSLs to support effective stakeholder interactions. With one source of truth and permissions-based security, time moves from locating the appropriate documents to effectively engaging customers and KOLs. Pepper Folio is accessible on iPhone, iPad, and as a browser-based version on all other devices.

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Find Approved Content Instantly

Enable your sales reps and medical science liaisons to find, download, and access Pepper Flow-approved materials instantly–in the office, virtually, or on-the-go.

  • Search, sort and filter 
  • Create shareable digital content collections
  • Favorite content for easy access
  • Share relevant content on-the-spot

Stay Secure & Compliant

As content is approved for use, modified, or expired in Pepper Flow, it is automatically updated or removed from Pepper Folio.

  • Instant updates and withdrawals
  • User permissions based on region, product, role, and more
  • View content properties such as content owner, expiration date, and related products

Identify Most Valuable Content

Access content usage metrics to identify which materials are most effective in the field.

  • Content views
  • Content downloads
  • Favorite counts
  • And more

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Part of the Pepper Cloud Product Suite

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Route, review, and approve adpromo, medical, and scientific content

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Distribute materials to sales reps and MSLs with permissions-based security

Leverage data to optimize internal operations

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