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    pepper flow salesforce connector

    Salesforce Connector

    The Salesforce Connector is a powerful add-on that enables your team to seamlessly sync approved content directly from Pepper Flow to Salesforce, including any CRM solutions built on the platform.

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    Seamless, compliant content delivery from Pepper Flow to Salesforce

    Working in a regulated, fast-paced environment, life science companies depend on technology to keep their most critical business processes connected. The Salesforce Connector is a turnkey solution developed with Vodori's validated API  that streamlines the delivery of compliant content to your team. Have absolute confidence in Pepper Flow as the source of truth and expedite how content is shared with (and withdrawn from) sales and other field teams. Connectivity to your CRM simplifies this critical process so you can focus on optimizing commercial results. With the Salesforce Connector, you're able to:

    instant access to approved material
    Get materials into the hands of your field team as soon as they’re approved
    download approved materials
    Allow teams to access approved materials directly from Salesforce
    Ensure compliance by automatically withdrawing expired materials
    Manage additional tags in Salesforce to optimize content findability
    Leverage Salesforce functionality to optimize content findability and reporting insights

    Turnkey implementation & dynamic customization

    The Salesforce Connector is delivered as a Salesforce managed package which enables you to quickly start retrieving Pepper Flow materials without writing any code. After completing the installation and configuration, approved materials are made available as Salesforce custom object records. As custom objects, you can then use your materials within Salesforce as you choose, providing the ability to: 

    • leverage your existing permissions to display relevant content to the appropriate users,
    • incorporate additional metadata about the content that's configured and displayed in Salesforce only,
    • create relationships between materials and Contacts, Leads, Accounts, and Opportunities, and
    • incorporate data into your existing Salesforce reports and derive new insights around content effectiveness.

    Two powerful solutions

    We offer two solutions to get approved Pepper Flow content to your Salesforce CRM: the standalone Salesforce Connector, which combines the use of Pepper Flow and Salesforce; and the Salesforce Connector with Pepper Folio, which combines the use of Pepper Flow, Pepper Folio, and Salesforce to deliver the most compliant content delivery solution for your team.

    Scroll to the right on the table below to see how the Salesforce Connector compares to the Salesforce Connector with Pepper Folio


    Salesforce Connector Salesforce Connector
    with Pepper Folio
    View list of approved Pepper Flow documents in Salesforce
    Download approved Pepper Flow content in Salesforce
    View Pepper Flow metadata alongside content in Salesforce
    Select Salesforce metadata to display alongside content in Salesforce
    Associate content with Salesforce contacts, leads, accounts, and opportunities
    Click from Salesforce to "view" content in Pepper Folio
    Generate unique links in Pepper Folio to share content externally
    Access valuable content usage metrics in Pepper Folio

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