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Our Story

After years of working as consultants in the life science industry, Vodori’s founders wondered: “Why is this industry crippled by inefficiency and ineffectiveness?” Convinced there was a better way to use modern technology to get vital healthcare information in front of the right audience at the right time, Scott Rovegno, Stacy Wolters and Grant Gochnauer founded Vodori.

Since 2005, we have skillfully leveraged insights from the industry to deliver software that breaks the mold and revolutionizes how life science companies move regulated content from ideation through distribution. Our solutions are born out of real-life problems described to us by our customers–we have, and always will, put people first in what we create.

But, our work doesn’t solely live in software. Our decades of industry experience taught us that companies need digital experts to help support them in getting their regulated content out into the world. Our in-house consulting team, Vodori Digital Consulting, links arm-in-arm with our customers to design and develop innovative digital solutions that enhance company sophistication and drive maximum business value.


The Vodori Difference

Human Centered Philosophy

Our philosophy is simple: design digital experiences with and for our audiences. We help users solve problems, improve processes, and simplify the complex–all in a user-friendly, accessible way. At Vodori, humans come first. Always.

Customer Centricity

We carry an ethos of partnership and transparency into every one of our projects. Customers stick with us for decades, not only for our expertise, but because of the emphasis we place on relationships. We’re thought of as partners, not vendors.

Experienced Team

Collectively, our team brings 75+ years of life science expertise to the table. We stay laser-focused on the industry so we can deliver the most value possible to our customers and clients. We love what we do, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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