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    February 17, 2020

    3 characteristics of a successful promotional review system owner

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    As a Pepper Flow® Customer Success Manager, part of my job is to onboard new Pepper Flow customers and support individuals in stepping into the System Owner role. System owners are a critical member of the promotional review team: they facilitate and coordinate the promotional review process within their organization, while simultaneously ensuring that the review team is getting as much value out of Pepper Flow as possible.

    What makes a good system owner, you ask? Here are three characteristics that I find critical to success:

    #1: Knowledgeable about the promotional or medical information review process and system

    A system owner will be successful if they commit to knowing their organization’s promotional or medical information review process inside and out. They are the experts when it comes to their SOPs, the review process, the review team’s roles and responsibilities, and the systems in use to support the process. This expertise is particularly useful when someone new joins the team and needs to be trained on the process and system–something a system owner can easily do in-house. In addition, it’s essential for system owners to understand that even with a review system in place, technology does not solve every problem. If reviewers aren’t approving pieces by the due date, or if specific team members are providing feedback beyond the purview of their expertise, a system owner knows how to problem-solve and collaborate with the team to get the process back on track.

    #2: Oriented and interested in promotional review process goals

    When it comes to the promotional or medical information review process, setting goals is important. It’s essential for system owners to set, monitor, and share progress on goals so the entire review team understands progress. System owners are particularly successful if they are interested in metrics and performance and find enjoyment in digging into data to uncover trends related to performance, or if there are any challenges that need to be addressed. The more the System Owner knows about the process, the better suited they are to make recommendations and changes.

    #3: Open-minded and comfortable with process changes

    Successful system owners are not only committed to executing their current process, but are also open to changes. Regularly engaging internal stakeholders, like the review team, is essential for identifying issues and gathering feedback and recommendations. When changes are suggested, a good system owner identifies which suggestions to prioritize, which need to be combined, and which merit larger organizational discussion and approval. In addition to collaborating with internal teams, successful system owners also work closely with their system vendor to identify areas for improvement and discuss configuration changes as needed.

    As you, or someone on your team, steps into the System Owner role, remember: change is good, but it also takes time. Be patient with yourself and your team, and prioritize working together to ensure you’re getting the most out of your new promotional review system.

    Jessy Horrell

    Jessy is VP, Customer Success at Vodori. She is accountable for ensuring success across all Pepper Cloud customers including onboarding and professional services, customer success, and customer support.

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