Pepper Flow® Implementation Process

The way we work

At Vodori, we believe that purchasing and adopting software should be easy. When you purchase Pepper Flow®, we ensure that every step of the process–from initial conversations through ongoing support–is fast, thoughtful, and seamless. We work hard to reduce any burden on our customers so you can focus on what matters most: getting information to market faster.

Implementations right-sized for your business

We recognize that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, so we offer three plans based on your business size, SOPs, and commercialization status. Whether you’re just establishing an MLR process or you have complex global workflow needs, we have you covered. 

Because compliance doesn’t need to be complicated.


Ideal for those who are adopting a new process or beginning to commercialize, our out-of-the-box solution comes pre-configured with a simple, standard SOP to get you up and running quickly. Begin routing materials in Pepper Flow within a matter of days, with minimal end-user training.


For those who have an established SOP, we work with you to identify the best configuration for your unique business needs. Vodori handles all configuration activities, drastically reducing the implementation burden on your team while ensuring the system is tailored specifically to your organization.


Have thousands of users with separate global and local workflow needs? No problem. Pepper Flow scales to meet your more complex workflow processes and enterprise-size demands. We understand the challenges you face and work with stakeholders across the globe to ensure key business requirements are met, then configure the system to meet those requirements.

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The Vodori difference

  • In-house implementation: By working directly with implementation specialists from Vodori—never an outside consultancy—you benefit from the expertise and deep product knowledge to configure Pepper Flow in a way that best meets your business needs. Our team provides best practice recommendations tailored to your organization to ensure you’re getting the most out of the software. Bonus: by working hand-in-hand with our team, you also have the unique opportunity to suggest and drive future product features and enhancements.
  • Pre-validated solution: Pepper Flow comes pre-validated, reducing the validation burden on your internal teams and saving you the trouble of validating through an expensive third-party provider. 
  • Data migrations available: No matter your company size, we can work with you to migrate all data and materials from your existing system to Pepper Flow, decreasing onramp time and eliminating the need for your team to handle any arduous migration tasks. 
  • Adoption guarantee included: We guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction and easy system adoption by users–always. If you are not satisfied with Pepper Flow, we want to know. We are committed to developing products that make your life easier.

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