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    Navigating AI in promotional content review

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    AI is everywhere, yet so many industries and organizations are still trying to make sense of how to best use it in the business context. Life sciences is no exception. While there are implications for AI throughout content management (including content creation, regulatory compliance, and the material review process) some information and guidance is clearer than others. Let’s take a look at the landscape currently and how we anticipate AI will show up in MLR review to improve how organizations move through this process. 


    AI and the life science landscape

    AI is revolutionizing content management across industries, offering opportunities to streamline processes and enhance efficiency. In the realm of life sciences, AI adoption is gaining traction, particularly in drug discovery and diagnostics, where it promises to elevate patient care. Yet, while AI's impact on drug development is well-established, its application in content review remains less clear. Regulatory bodies like the FDA have yet to provide clear guidelines, leaving questions about regulation and impact unanswered. 

    Opportunities for enhancing material review with AI

    At Vodori, we’re optimistic about AI's ability to complement human judgment in material review, potentially expediting processes and improving quality. There are several opportunities for AI to positively impact the material review (MLR) process, particularly in the content preparation and substantiation phases:

    Enhance the quality of content inputs. Checking documents for common or frequent spelling, grammar, branding, or citation issues before the content gets to review would enable MLR reviewers to focus their limited time on evaluating substantive aspects rather than repetitive tasks. 

    Automating tasks. The category is broad here, but one big opportunity is identifying and suggesting claims. This not only saves time for the review team, but also supports strong content compliance.  

    In summary, AI holds the potential to both expedite the review process and accelerate speed to market while reducing review cycles.

    Have conversations about AI early

    As organizations navigate the integration of AI into material review processes, proactive dialogue and strategic planning are imperative. Take time to define organizational attitudes toward AI adoption early. Talk to your partners and vendors about their plans for AI to better understand potential impacts to your business. Early dialogue will help get your organization on the same page, plan ahead, and reduce business disruptions should you choose to take advantage of AI in the future. 

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