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    What should an MLR review software implementation look and feel like?

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    Being a software company is so much more than creating and deploying great software–it’s also about creating incredible customer experiences. At Vodori, we care deeply about the customer experience, and one of the best ways we support our customers is by offering an implementation guarantee. But what does this mean, really? I sat down with our CEO, Scott Rovegno, to unpack our implementation guarantee and why he finds it so critical to our customer’s success.

    Q: Let’s start with the basics: what is Vodori’s implementation guarantee?

    A: Our implementation guarantee is a commitment between Vodori and our customers that our Pepper Cloud® products, such as our MLR and medical information review software Pepper Flow, will meet and exceed expectations for delivering what we promise. 

    When you boil it down, the implementation guarantee has three tenets: 

    1. Expert Implementation. We have learned that the last thing customers want is a protracted, rigid, or time-intensive implementation. By partnering with Vodori’s expert consultants, customers get access to best practices ranging from process optimizations, SOP development, and our industry knowledge – wrapped in a team that knows our products intimately. This makes for an efficient process that is predictable, plannable, and low impact to users and system owners.
    2. Hypercare. For a period of time after go live, Vodori commits to making system changes at no cost to the customer, within a 2 business day turnaround. This is because, inevitably, unforeseeable nuances will surface once users start using the system that reveal ways to further tailor how the system should be configured. 
    3. White Glove System Configuration. Similar to hypercare, Vodori works with all customers throughout the life of the contract to make ongoing system changes.  Whether due to business changes at the customer–like a new approved indication or a new market–or because we introduce new features as part of a quarterly upgrade, our expert consultants are always available to discuss best practices and to make adjustments to Pepper Flow configurations – all at no additional cost. 

    So, although the implementation guarantee focuses our collective attention on the initial configuration, it’s actually more of a commitment to our customer’s long-term success.

    Q: What are the benefits of the implementation guarantee? How does this impact our customers?

    A: In terms of risk reduction, we are in the business of selling software designed to reduce risk for life science companies. Our implementation guarantee allows our customers to make confident decisions during the configuration process knowing that, should something need to be changed, we are going to support them at no cost to make those adjustments–for the life of the contract.

    Then comes customer experience. There’s nothing worse than buying software only to find out, weeks after go-live, that the software doesn’t actually do what the seller said it would do. You’re frustrated as the buyer, and certainly your staff is frustrated with a tool that doesn’t help them in their work. We remove those obstacles so our customers feel comfortable and confident in choosing Pepper Cloud. 

    Q: Why did you decide to offer an implementation guarantee? What went into this decision? 

    A: We decided to create this program because we were effectively operating this way anyway. We would never leave the customer with a software configuration that doesn’t meet their business needs. Working side by side with our customers to ensure we deliver value is something that we strongly believe in. From day one, Vodori has operated under the mantra: if the customer is not successful, we are not successful.

    I can think of no better way than the implementation guarantee to ensure that Vodori’s and our customer’s priorities are aligned. 

    Annalise Ludtke

    Senior Manager, Marketing Communications at Vodori

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