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    5 common myths about adopting MLR and medical information review software, busted

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    Adopting MLR or medical information review software comes with a bad reputation. You may stress at the thought of implementation, expecting a months-long process, a steep learning curve for the software, and plain frustration.

    With Pepper Flow, you can forget all of those old ideas about software implementation. Unlike other MLR and medical information review solutions, our adoption process is easy, fast, and simple. Here are five common adoption myths busted by Pepper Flow.

    Myth 1: I don’t have time to implement new MLR or medical information review software

    When you think about implementing new software, you may imagine endless admin screens, months of back-and-forth with a support team, and an encyclopedia-sized knowledge base to sift through.

    Not with a Pepper Flow implementation. We take on the bulk of implementation work, starting with a configuration session to learn how your company conducts MLR or medical affairs review. Then, we take what we’ve learned and configure Pepper Flow to align with your ideal process and SOPs. 

    On average, implementations take about 6 weeks. However, depending on the size of your organization, implementations can take as little as one week. In addition, the time investment from your team is minimal; essential team members (system owner, IT specialist, MLR team representatives) invest about three hours per week.

    Myth 2: My company doesn’t have validation resources

    Software validation can be a frustrating process. Fortunately, Pepper Flow is pre-validated, so you don’t need to go through the trouble of an internal validation process or working with an expensive third-party vendor.

    If your company has their own validation requirements to fulfill, we provide easy-to-follow validation documentation to make the process smoother.

    Myth 3: My team will find it difficult to adopt the system

    If you’re familiar with complicated systems, you may think the learning curve for software is too steep to take on, especially for a large team. 

    With Pepper Flow, adoption is fast and easy. We keep the interface simple and conduct user testing to make sure we’re on the right track when making changes. The result? Users are up and running after one training session. In fact, we hear Pepper Flow success stories time and again: 

    “Pepper Flow is user friendly and easy to adapt to. This has been especially helpful with our rapid growth and routine onboarding of new team members with varying experience in the review environment.”

    Myth 4: I’ll have to figure things out on my own after implementation is complete

    Other software companies may leave you in the dust after implementation is over. We do things differently.

    Your implementation starts with a dedicated customer success manager (CSM) who stays with you during and after implementation. After you launch Pepper Flow, we provide a hypercare period. This gives you ample opportunity to resolve support issues and make configuration changes quickly for things that aren’t quite working.

    Once the post-launch period is over, your dedicated CSM will work with you to help Pepper Flow grow and adapt as your company does, in addition to your 24/7 support included with every subscription. And, as your organization grows and changes, you can make configuration changes any time after launch at no added cost to ensure Pepper Flow is meeting your organization’s needs.

    Myth 5: I don’t have MLR or medinfo review software in my budget

    Making room in your budget for MLR and medical information review software can be the most difficult part. You need to evaluate multiple options and get internal buy-in before finally confronting your purchasing department.

    Adopting MLR and medical information review software doesn’t have to be a crazy, frustrating process. With Pepper Flow, you’ll have a dedicated team, limited time investment from your company, and great software that your team will enjoy using.

    Ready to see for yourself? Get a demo to see how Pepper Flow can work for your company.

    Lauren Woods

    Senior Manager, Customer Success at Vodori

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