Customer Challenge

Biocartis, an innovative molecular diagnostics company, needed a scalable MLR review solution to better support their global growth.

Prior to launching Pepper Flow®, Biocartis was routing and reviewing promotional content through a manual email-based process. As a growing team with reviewers in both the United States and Belgium, the back and forth created by email chains quickly grew to be unmanageable. They also lacked a searchable central location to store materials, making it challenging to locate the final, approved content.

To see near-immediate value and take advantage of a week where all MLR review team members were temporarily in one location, Biocartis also desired a speedy implementation of their new MLR review system.


Global Molecular Diagnostics Company

Products used


One week implementation
In one week, the Vodori team worked on site with Biocartis to finalize SOPs, configure the system, train users, and launch an automated review process. Pepper Flow not only streamlined the promotional review process, but also provided immediate value to the organization, allowing them to review their first document less than two weeks after project kickoff.

Process at a glance:

Day 1: Best practices consulting and working session to define requirements
Day 2: System configuration and testing
Day 3: User Acceptance Testing (UAT)
Day 4: In-person training for 30 users
Day 5: Launch


Increased efficiency and decreased cycle times
With features such as automated workflow routing and real-time collaborative review, Biocartis eliminated manual handoffs between reviewers and streamlined their MLR review process, resulting in faster approvals.

Improved transparency
With Pepper Flow, Biocartis is able to:

  • locate materials more quickly through a searchable centralized repository for all approved materials and references
  • understand the status of reviews in-flight by leveraging the Jobs Board
  • track process improvements through the system’s reporting tools

Improved compliance and brand consistency
Pepper Flow’s automated workflow processes and audit records enforce process compliance with configurable routing rules and systematic capture of all commentary, revisions, and approvals.

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