Customer Challenge

Our customer, the pharmaceutical division of a global life science company, needed to transition their promotional and medical information reviews from Zinc MAPS to a new system, in anticipation of Zinc MAPS end of life in 2020. They released a formal request for proposals (RFP) and selected Pepper Flow for its comprehensive feature set, best-in-class user experience and support, and lowest total cost of ownership after evaluating several competitive systems.

Company Profile

Global Pharmaceutical Company
2018 Revenue: Over $4 Billion

Products used


The scale of this migration was massive–our customer needed to roll out a new system across 1,000 end users in 35 countries, migrate legacy assets, and be up and running in less than 6 months. Vodori’s in-house industry expertise, combined with the flexibility and sophistication of Pepper Flow products, contributed to a successful, smooth process. The full Pepper Flow product suite was implemented to support the customer’s promotional, medical, and digital content needs.

Project Overview

Best Practices Consultation
To ensure success, the Vodori team worked hand-in-hand with our customer to discuss their current promotional and medical information review processes and opportunities for improvement. We consulted on how to best implement and utilize Pepper Flow products to increase speed to market, mitigate compliance risk, and improve collaboration across our customer’s global, cross-functional teams.

Content Migration
To ensure fast system adoption and adequate version control, Vodori’s in-house teams oversaw the migration of 63,000 jobs, 33,500 references, and 90,000 supporting documents from Zinc MAPS to the Pepper Flow product suite. This massive content migration allowed our customer’s user base to hit the ground running post-implementation without relying on historical data in their old system.

Global Training Program
Vodori executed a robust training program to meet our customer’s unique needs. In addition to train-the-trainer materials and sessions, 60 end-user training sessions were delivered across 10 timezones. In addition, custom multi-lingual training videos and manuals were developed to ensure the highest level of user adoption and satisfaction with the new system.

Looking Ahead

With launch and rollout now complete, our customer is looking forward to leveraging Pepper Flow to improve their promotional and medical affairs processes. They are especially excited about routing web content through Pepper Flow Digital Review to streamline the review and approval of hundreds of websites, a process that had been time consuming and painful before Pepper Flow.

I love Pepper Flow. There's a certain calmness and patience to Vodori's delivery, which goes a long way with so many users from different backgrounds and cultures.

DirectorGlobal Medical Affairs

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