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    Global diagnostics company streamlines regulated content management with Pepper Cloud


    reduced average content review duration
    Average content review duration reduced to five days
    increase speed to market
    Improved speed to market through content review and distribution in a single platform
    reduce manual effort
    Support requests reduced by nearly 50%

    Customer challenge

    Our customer, the diagnostics division of a well-established global life science company, found itself in need of better tools to quickly develop and distribute content in a complex, multilingual, multinational market. The legacy technology and manual processes in place were proving to be major sticking points. When content was created or changed, it had to be manually updated in multiple systems that were not integrated with one another–causing concern that sales reps and other internal teams were using unapproved or out-of-date content. In addition, the need for content translated into different languages added another complex, manual process to the mix.

    To address this, the customer needed a comprehensive, modern platform that could streamline the review process, ensure compliance, and get content into the hands of sales reps more quickly. They also needed workflows that would create associations between localized and translated versions of content for international markets for traceability. Finally, they needed the solution implemented quickly and effectively in a way that did not sacrifice or muddle legacy data.


    A modern platform built for speed, backed by experts

    As Vodori undertook an implementation of its integrated suite of content review and distribution software (Pepper Flow, Pepper Folio, and Pepper Insights), we first worked in close partnership with key stakeholders to plan a content migration that identified, verified, and categorized more than 160,000 documents in the customer’s existing archive. With this legwork frontloaded, Vodori was able to quickly migrate all the content into Pepper Flow which made it easily accessible by the sales team in Pepper Folio from the outset. 

    Post launch, to ensure the customer would get maximum value from their new solution and accelerate product adoption, Vodori launched a series of 20+ virtual training sessions across different time-zones and four tips-and-tricks training sessions for the customer’s global team. To facilitate ongoing process improvement, we worked with the customer to set up dashboards in Pepper Insights based on key KPIs (such as number of jobs approved per month, average job duration, average review duration, and number of approved documents) to gauge performance over six months. Giving the customer self-service access to data allowed them to understand training gaps and quickly make adjustments to the system to improve content throughput. 


    Streamlined, efficient content management processes

    Implementing Pepper Flow for content review and Pepper Folio for sales enablement created the sort of seamless, automated content pipeline the customer needed to do business efficiently at the scale it operates. Rather than sales reps waiting on reviewed content to be manually uploaded to a legacy system, they are able to immediately access approved content for use in the field. With their new system, the customer was able to reduce review times by 50% and approve 82% more jobs. 

    Happy, productive teams

    Since implementation, support requests from the customer dropped nearly 50%. Employees find the system easy to use, intuitive, and can spend less time managing manual review and distribution processes. 

    Ongoing process optimization

    Due to the strong connectivity between Pepper Cloud products and robust analytics provided by Pepper Insights, the customer is able to obtain utilization data across the organization to inform internal process optimizations. In addition, the customer now has access to content performance data, such as which content is performing best in the field, to get a comprehensive picture of their operations and inform future content development. 

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