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    Gynesonics reduces MLR review time by 50% with Pepper Flow


    improved traceability
    Improved traceability and compliance
    reduce manual effort
    Reduced promotional review time by over 50%
    gain deeper insight
    Gained deeper insight into process

    Customer challenge


    Video transcript

    About Gynesonics

    Bridget King, Associate Product Manager

    “My name is Bridget King, I’m Associate Product Manager at Gynesonics. We are a women’s healthcare company. Currently, we have the Sonata system, which is intrauterine treatment of uterine fibroids.

    With the upcoming launch of our latest Sonata system version, we had a critical need for a new system that allowed us to review and approve promotional material for the field a lot quicker than we could currently approve them.

    Prior to purchasing and using Pepper Flow, our promotional review was highly manual. We would print all of our promotional material for the reviewers and then they would have to sign a physical approval form that said that they’d reviewed and approved any material. So the manual process at Gynesonics definitely added a step in terms of compliance.”

    The need for promotional review software

    “When looking for a new promotional review system, our primary goal was being able to adapt quickly to needs in the field by creating, reviewing, and approving new promotional materials quickly. At Gynesonics, using Pepper Flow has allowed us to reduce our promotional review time by over 50%.”

    Improved compliance with Pepper Flow

    “Pepper Flow is really critical to Gynesonics in terms of traceability and compliance. The audit function in Pepper Flow allows us to go back to each and every version of the document and see who approved it, when they approved it, if they had any comments … so it’s really helped us to keep all of that information in one central location.

    One of the tools we use quite often is Pepper Insights. This allows us, especially as a commercial team, to look at “what is our average review and approval time,” so how long does it normally take for us to get new documents through the system. And so it allows us to take a deep dive into the process and see where we can streamline things.

    Pepper Flow is extremely easy to use, especially from the point of view of our reviewers. Overall it’s very straightforward for our team.

    Pepper Flow has helped free up some of the time that the commercial team used to use just to get these documents put through our system. We can now focus on new initiatives. So Pepper Flow has definitely helped ease that process and freed up some of our time.”

    Working with Vodori

    “Working with Vodori in implementing Pepper Flow was very straightforward and easy. They outlined the process from beginning to end. They know how to ask the right questions and how to get the right information out of you. It allowed me to get a better grasp of our current process and how Pepper Flow can improve it and how we can streamline some of these processes. Gynesonics definitely has a great relationship with Vodori.

    I would definitely recommend Pepper Flow to any organization. Pepper Flow allows you to get new material reviewed and approved timely so that you can react to anything that may be happening in the field or in the market and you’re not slowed down by any manual or paper processes.”

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