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    Nexus Pharmaceuticals reduces MLR review cycle time by 75% with Pepper Flow


    reducing review cycle time
    Reduced review cycle time from 5-7 days to 1-2 days
    streamlined collaboration and communication
    Streamlined collaboration and communication among review team
    improved visibility
    Improved visibility and version control with central repository

    Customer challenge

    Video transcript

    About Nexus Pharmaceuticals

    Ayesha Ahmed, General Counsel

    “Nexus Pharmaceuticals is a specialty injectable company that was founded in 2003. We specialize in injectable products that span a variety of therapeutic areas.”

    “From a compliance standpoint, it’s really important for a company like ours that’s regulated by the FDA to have some type of software solution where we can make sure that all advertising and promotional material is going through the proper review process.”


    The need for MLR review software

    Ayesha Ahmed, General Counsel

    “Our medical, legal, and regulatory review process before we implemented Pepper Flow was definitely a lot less efficient and more lengthy. We would have an email chain that was spanning 15 or 20 emails sometimes at a time with a lot of back and forth. We didn’t have really one central location where all of our advertising and promotional materials were located.”

    Diana Lebiecki, Marketing Manager

    “I vetted 5 other ad/prom MLR systems and for the features, for the ease of use, for the price point, I thought Pepper Flow was the best return on investment that we could have.”

    Ayesha Ahmed, General Counsel

    “Not only did we want to create efficiencies and have a more streamlined process, but we also wanted to have some type of software where we could very carefully track any revisions or changes that were being made to our advertising and promotional material.”


    Proven Results

    Diana Lebiecki, Marketing Manager

    “Pepper Flow has definitely made my job easier. It’s much more streamlined. It’s much easier to get in front of Legal, Regulatory, and the Sales team. They can go in there, put in annotations, and pose questions. Everyone can view the collateral in tandem, simultaneously, which is a big feature because you’re shortening the time frame. No longer do we have to worry about version control or access; it’s all centrally located in Pepper Flow.”

    “The implementation process was very quick and easy. We actually had a dedicated implementation manager. There was always an open line of communication between the implementers and myself, and with a company of our size, we were pleasantly surprised that they were able to really hand hold us and provide us practical, hands-on training.”

    Ayesha Ahmed, General Counsel

    “Ever since we implemented the Pepper Flow solution for our MLR review, what we’ve found is that we’re able to get marketing pieces reviewed a lot more quickly. A piece that may have taken 5 to 7 days to get approved is now getting approved anywhere between 24 and 48 hours because multiple teams can view the piece at the same time. We’re in the generic injectable business; it’s a very competitive space that we’re in. So for us we need to have new marketing material constantly sent out to our sales team so that they can put the most recent and up to date information in front of our customers. We’ve seen a great value add to our business since we implemented Pepper Flow.”

    “It’s a great product to help create efficiencies, to cut back on your MLR review time, and to also increase communication within the different teams that go through the review process for advertising and promotional materials, so I think it would be a great value add to any business.”

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