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    Notal Vision reduces compliance risk by switching to Pepper Flow


    minimize compliance risk
    Minimized compliance risk with life science-specific features
    real time review
    Introduced real-time review of promotional materials
    reduce review duration
    Reduced average review duration

    Customer challenge

    Notal Vision, an ophthalmic home diagnostic services provider, was preparing for an upcoming product launch and needed a promotional review solution to support their growth and minimize compliance risk.

    Before implementing Pepper Flow, Notal Vision’s promotional review process was cumbersome and manual, with documents being shared via email and Microsoft OneDrive. Reviewers would add comments and track changes in Microsoft Word and Adobe PDFs, then meet once a week to discuss. The process coordinator was growing concerned with the amount of time they were spending managing the document versions, PDFs, and Word Docs.  

    Compliance was also top-of-mind. Notal Vision knew that the tools they were using were not enforcing process compliance, nor did they provide systematic captures of all commentary, revisions, and approvals in one place–which is crucial in case of an audit.


    Life science-specific solution & team

    During the implementation of Pepper Flow, Notal Vision immediately saw the benefit of working with a company that specializes in life science solutions. In the configuration stage, the Vodori team provided guidance on how to configure the system for Notal Vision’s business needs, referring to best practice knowledge gained from deep experience working with many other life sciences companies. These activities ensured Pepper Flow was aligned with Notal Vision’s SOPs and necessary workflows. Vodori also trained the Notal Vision team on the software features that offered more capabilities than Microsoft and Adobe, like reference linking, audit reports and the jobs board that lets users monitor a global view of all work in-flight.

    Vodori cares very much about its service quality. Our Notal Vision Diagnostic Clinic is a medical provider, and we have a checkpoint to follow-up directly with our patients because we pride ourselves in our 5-star service. Having worked with various teams at Vodori, I can tell that they do as well.

    Candice Traskos | Communications Director, Notal Vision



    Improved throughput of promotional materials

    With central document storage and productivity features such as workflows, claim linkages, job statuses, and notifications, Notal Vision was able to eliminate their manual process and improve throughput of promotional materials. After using Pepper Flow for six months, they have experienced a reduction in their average review duration.

    Minimized compliance risk

    The team at Notal Vision now feels more peace of mind knowing that Pepper Flow enforces the team’s use of electronic signatures and that audit history, version history, reporting and more are always easily accessible. They also experience efficiencies by attaching references and supporting docs directly to their pieces in review.

    One source of truth

    Instead of managing document versions in Microsoft, Adobe and email, Notal Vision is now confident that the correct document version is being circulated for each job. Reviewers can now comment, collaborate, and approve (or reject) in real-time on the same document. Should there be an audit, Notal Vision can easily download all comments, revisions, and approvals directly from Pepper Flow.

    Reduced time spent by process coordinator

    Using Pepper Flow led to increased productivity for the process coordinator at Notal Vision. She found that jobs are easier and faster to submit than in their previous process, so she can spend more time on other projects.

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