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    Pepper Flow cuts PRC meeting time by 66% for Xellia Pharmaceuticals


    cuts time in prc meetings
    Time in PRC meetings cut by 66%
    ensure compliance
    Improved process compliance
    incread speed of audit preparation
    Increased speed of audit preparation

    Customer challenge

    Xellia Pharmaceuticals, a leading pharmaceutical company, needed a sustainable, scalable promotional review solution for their growing business.

    Up to this point, Xellia’s promotional review process consisted of emails and meetings. Collaboration was difficult as reviewers are dispersed among several countries and time zones. Revisions were conducted via email over several days, culminating in a weekly meeting (often 3+ hours) to discuss all feedback and establish consensus. Additionally, since all materials lived in email, version control was a problem. Xellia realized that as they looked ahead to future growth, they needed a new solution that could help them operate efficiently and scale alongside their business.


    Established version control

    Using Pepper Flow, Xellia is now able to quickly identify which materials are in preparation, in review, and approved. Team members can access and identify final, approved versions and apply expiration dates right in the system to ensure their global sales force is utilizing the most up-to-date materials.

    Improved global collaboration

    Leveraging Vodori’s MLR process expertise, Xellia identified an approval workflow that ensures materials are reviewed by the right team members to avoid bottlenecks. In addition, Pepper Flow improves the efficiency of review cycles via parallel review and real-time commenting and annotation capabilities. Transparency around revisions, as well as visibility into all work in-flight, allows the entire global team to understand the status of all materials in review.

    Ensured scalability

    Pepper Flow streamlines the entire promotional review process for Xellia, well-positioning the company for future growth and scale. Compliance activities, such as capturing e-signatures and generating FDA submission packages, are automated in the system to ensure Xellia can get content to market quickly and compliantly. Xellia also subjected themselves to an internal mock audit on their promotional materials to ensure industry compliance and passed with zero observations.

    Vodori is very satisfying to work with and worth every dollar. In terms of allocating the space for Pepper Flow within our budget, it’s a no brainer. You are great to collaborate with.

    Kat Simonovic | Marketing & Digital Communications, Xellia Pharmaceuticals

    Results by the numbers

    • Time spent in PRC meetings cut by 66% 
    • Decreased cycle time from weeks to days
    • Audit preparation complete in minutes

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