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    Pepper Flow improves scalability and efficiency for diagnostics company


    streamlined process
    Promotional review process steps reduced by 80%
    visibility about tracking and reporting
    Improved visibility through tracking and reporting
    increase in throughput
    24% increase in throughput over 4 months

    Customer challenge

    Our customer, a growing diagnostics company focused on the early detection and prevention of cancer, came to us with a home-grown promotional review system comprised of lengthy email chains and disparate storage tools. Their process was inconsistent and led to significant spend of internal time and resources to manage the material lifecycle. Decisions and content approvals resided with senior management, creating bottlenecks and process inefficiencies.

    Beyond the day-to-day challenges, our customer’s home-grown system lacked something critical: sustainable scalability. They needed a promotional review system that would reduce cycle time, improve their reporting capabilities, and support an increasing submission volume–all while meeting the needs of their business and team members.


    Automated promotional review

    With Pepper Flow, our customer’s complicated multi-step promotional review process became streamlined, automated, and included the integration of third-party approvals, enabling efficiencies that well-position the company for future growth.

    Ensured compliance and traceability

    By establishing a central repository for all approved and in-review materials, users are able to search and locate the materials they need, including prior versions, from one location. Additionally, Pepper Flow’s reference library allows the reuse of reference points, streamlining the claim substantiation process. Finally, user visibility is based on their role, enabling restricted access for third-party joint reviewers and agencies.

    Improved transparency

    Pepper Flow’s in-flight jobs board provides visibility into work in progress; robust tracking and reporting capabilities give easy access to performance metrics that can be leveraged to enable future improvements.

    As our company continues to grow, a key to our success is maintaining and improving on our processes, including how we review and approve promotional materials. Pepper Flow provides a flexible, scalable solution for managing the review of our promotional materials, helping us meet growing demand while increasing efficiency and ensuring compliance.

    Results by the numbers

    • Decreased the number of process steps by 80%
    • Reduced total approval time by 10%
    • Increased throughput by 24% within the first four months

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