Customer Challenge

Our customer, a global point-of-care diagnostics company, was operating a highly manual, paper-based process to support the creation, review, distribution, and lifecycle management of advertising and promotional materials. Valuable time was spent collecting medical, legal, and regulatory signatures, printing and organizing paperwork, and tracking all statuses in a spreadsheet.

Company Profile

Global Point-of-Care Diagnostics Company
Client since 2013

Products used

They sought to replace their existing process with a solution that offered workflow automation, increased visibility, centralized storage, and an electronic audit trail. The solution also needed to be scalable to support the globalization and increased volume of ad promo content expected as they continue to grow the business.


Digitized Process
Pepper Flow digitized our client’s manual, laborious ad promo process through features such as real-time, collaborative review. The new digital system reduces the number of manual handoffs between reviewers internally, creating global process efficiencies. Data entry enforcement features also eliminate any bottlenecks due to clerical errors.

Improved Visibility
With features like Pepper Flow’s centralized library and in-flight Jobs Board, our customer gains better visibility into their process and approved or in-flight materials and references. Robust reporting features allows individuals and teams to track and report on relevant metrics.

Mitigated Compliance Risk
We began the configuration process by aligning Pepper Flow to our customer’s SOP and compliance policies. We also established auditability standards by adding tracking features to capture content relationships, consumption, and versions, enabling a better audit reporting process moving forward.

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Results by the Numbers

  • Reduced staff time supporting the promotional review process by 50%
  • Cut material preparation time from hours to minutes
  • Reduced audit preparation time
  • Eliminated the need for paper forms and hard copies

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