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    Pepper Flow slashes marketing approval times from 60+ days to 4 days


    streamlined process
    Collapsed 10+ disparate PRC systems into one system
    real time
    Decreased review cycle time from 60+ to 4 days
    Increased monthly throughput by 160%

    Customer challenge

    Our customer, a global diagnostics company, was using a variety of homegrown systems for their marketing and regulatory approval process. Reviewers had to tackle all post-approval activity manually through separate online tools before global material distribution, with cycle times taking an average of 60+ days. The current process was not suitable for speed, ensuring chain of custody, and scaling to operate successfully in the intensely competitive global marketplace.


    Pepper Flow® as single PRC system

    Pepper Flow streamlined our customer’s marketing and regulatory review processes by collapsing their 10+ disparate systems into one. Our project team collaborated with our customer to define a new global approval process and delivered a customized workflow system to support it–driving efficiency at a global scale. Finally, we initiated a data clean up prior to content loading and designed fallback measures for the migration of hundreds of marketing assets into Pepper Flow.

    Integrated distributor portal

    To achieve consistency and compliance across promotional materials, we developed and integrated a distributor portal with Pepper Flow, granting worldwide access to approved materials once they became available. Materials that expire are automatically pulled from the portal library, eliminating any headache or confusion around material dating and versioning.

    Pepper has dramatically cut down the time to get material approved and published, reduced compliance risk, and decreased manual labor for publishing content.

    Results by the numbers

    • Cycle time for reviewing sales and marketing materials decreased from 60+ to 4 days
    • Process efficiencies enabled 160% increase in monthly throughput
    • System ensured traceability of all information related to chain of custody
    • Distributor portal is currently rolled out to 250+ distributors and is enhancing their sales and service activities

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