Pepper Cloud Software Implementation Process

streamlined implementation process

Welcome to a simplified implementation process

Vodori’s implementation methodology was designed by experts with many years of experience in client services and incorporates best practices including: 

  • frequent communication, 
  • roles and responsibilities definition, and 
  • effective risk mitigation strategies. 

By working directly with implementation specialists from Vodori—never an outside consultancy—you benefit from the expertise and deep product knowledge required to configure Pepper Cloud products in a way that best meets your business needs and ensures you’re getting the most out of the software.

“The Vodori team approached our implementation project with an open mind, enthusiasm and deep desire to exceed our expectations. Their attention to detail at every stage of the project added tons of value. The migration of more than 100,000 assets from the legacy system and training of diverse multi-function users from over 30 countries was completed smoothly with no business interruption and was delivered ahead of schedule. I very much appreciate all that Vodori has contributed for the success we have achieved. If I were to offer advice to another enterprise organization planning to adopt Vodori’s Pepper Flow, I would certainly and strongly recommend a YES, with a five star rating!”

Director, Global Medical Operations and Services
Fortune 500 Pharmaceuticals Company

Software Implementation FAQs

How long will implementation take?

  • On average, Pepper Cloud implementations take between 4-6 weeks per product, depending on your organization’s needs and availability.
  • If you’d like to migrate content from another system or add an integration to an existing system, the implementation time will be longer.
  • Contact us to learn more about what your implementation process could look like.

How much of my time is required?

  • Your time investment will vary by week. 
  • On average, the system owner and review team representatives will need 3 hours per week.
  • End users should plan to attend a 30-90 minute training session based on their role before launch.

Who needs to be involved?

  • System owners: The system owner for Pepper Flow should be familiar with the current and desired promotional review process at your company. They provide useful guidance based on their knowledge of your company SOPs, review process, review team, and current systems in use. The system owner for Pepper Folio should be familiar with how best to organize content delivery for the end users of Pepper Folio (typically sales teams, MSLs, distributors, etc.). They also provide user access guidance.
  • IT & quality specialists: The IT and quality specialists are familiar with the technical systems and software quality processes at your company to ensure you are prepared for launch technically, supporting activities like SSO implementation and software validation.
  • Review team representatives: This team of 2-6 people should represent the various groups who participate in the review process (e.g., marketing, medical, legal, regulatory (MLR), promotional review committee (PRC)). They will assist with configuration definition and will complete user acceptance testing of Pepper Cloud products to ensure the configurations are set up as expected.
  • System users: Our standard training includes instructor-led training conducted by Vodori for all end users of each product.

Software Implementation Process Overview



We’ll get to know one another and cover project objectives, timeline, communication plan, and a high-level configuration overview. A cadence of regular status meetings with the key project stakeholders will also be set to keep the implementation process moving forward.

Configuration Definition

During this working session, we gain a better understanding of your business process and how Pepper Cloud can be configured to support it. We’ll also provide consultation on industry best practices for an optimal setup.

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) & Validation

Using our UAT scripts, your team will log in to your sandbox environment to test Pepper Cloud and ensure everything is working as expected. Pepper Flow is a validated platform; however, if your company requires additional validation testing, it can be completed at this stage.

Training & Launch

Our standard training includes instructor-led training conducted by Vodori for all end users planned at launch. Training will cover Pepper Cloud features important to the success of all users. To launch, we’ll activate your users and your team can start using Pepper Cloud. Plan for more frequent check-ins 30 days post launch–during this time our team will provide hypercare services such as increased monitoring and quicker turnaround for configuration changes to ensure the systems meet your needs.

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