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Interactive content makes up over half of the materials in MLR & MRC review, yet the process of reviewing these materials is stuck in the past. Teams are left with the painful process of routing and reviewing static PDFs of carousels, imagery, and other interactive components native to today’s digital content.

Vodori is the first to solve this problem with the introduction of Pepper Flow Digital Review, the life science industry’s only interactive web page review solution. Pepper Flow Digital Review is an add-on product to both Pepper Flow Commercial and Pepper Flow Medical. With our revolutionary product, you can now route, review, and annotate web pages and web apps in their native, interactive format. Parting ways with PDFs never felt so good.

Take Back Time

Cut the time it takes to prepare and review web content in half with Pepper Flow Digital Review. During preparation, eliminate the need to create and annotate PDFs or take screenshots of every website element or screen of your HTML5 app. During review, enable your team to examine web pages in their live format along with in-line annotations, comments, and claim substantiations.

Reduce Risk

By reviewing web content in its native format, Pepper Flow Digital Review reduces the risk that individuals miss examining interactive web elements such as rotators or accordions. Annotations are made crystal-clear by attaching them to specific content that needs attention, providing better context for the next reviewer. More thorough reviews translate into reduced churn—that’s what we call a win-win.

Capture Compliance

Digital content is constantly changing, but that doesn’t mean compliance has to be complicated. While Pepper Flow Digital Review eliminates the need to create and annotate PDFs for review, screenshots are still useful for auditing and FDA submissions. Simply select the type of screenshot you’d like and Pepper Flow will store it for any future referencing or version comparisons.

Use on All Web Content

Pepper Flow Digital Review is a Google Chrome extension that can be launched on top of any Web Content Management System, which means you can review content hosted on literally any platform. For customers using WCMs like WordPress and Adobe, our extension can also automatically publish web pages upon approval and withdraw expired ones–hello, efficiency.

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