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Make confident decisions with actionable analytics

Pepper Insights is an analytics and reporting solution that reveals actionable data from Pepper Flow and Pepper Folio. Access insightful information that your organization needs to accelerate product commercialization, understand closed-loop content performance, and optimize internal operations.

Accelerate product commercialization

Launch products and campaigns faster by leveraging review process data–such as cycle time, reviewer time, and agency performance–to optimize your internal operations. Effectively course correct reviews in progress by pinpointing bottlenecks and hangups.

Understand closed-loop content performance

Drive your marketing team towards high-value, high-impact content creation by understanding which pieces of content are performing well in the field. Detect process and content anomalies by drilling deeper into your organizational data.

Optimize internal operations

Easy-to-use self-service reporting and data visualizations make it easy to report on real-time process and team performance data to internal stakeholders. Premium dashboards give you even greater insight into data that’s most important to your organization.

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Compelling visualizations

Contextualize patterns, trends, and correlations with compelling data visualizations to support internal conversations with cross-functional teams.

Embedded analytics

Anticipate review bottlenecks, timelines, and content effectiveness through predictive analytics shown right within Pepper Flow and Pepper Folio.

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Premium dashboards

Analyze the data that matters most to your organization by leveraging advanced reports customized to your unique business needs.

Bring effective content to market faster with one connected platform

Review and approve regulated content, quickly
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Engage key stakeholders with the latest content
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