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    2022 State of Promotional Review: Benchmarks and Insights for Life Sciences

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    Effective omnichannel marketing requires the ability to be proactive and reactive in the marketplace. An organization’s ability to launch planned and unplanned materials–quickly, effectively, and with full compliance–will heavily influence commercial results. 

    Our customers tell us that their ability to review, approve, and launch content fast enough to support the needs in the field is a critical success factor to commercial excellence. But in order to achieve an optimal promotional review process, you have to first understand how it's performing. 

    In our 2022 Benchmarks Report, you’ll learn: 

    • the current state of promotional review benchmarks, such as how long it takes the industry to review and approve a piece of promotional content
    • how your internal targets and/or actual process metrics compare to your peers 
    • the emerging pattern linking user satisfaction to the performance of the review process 

    We encourage you to utilize this data to assess your own organization’s performance and drive conversations around process optimizations and improvements.