2021 State of Promotional Review:

Benchmarks and Insights for Life Sciences

Research Report

What does a “good” promotional review process look like?

As promotional review process experts, we often get asked what “good” promotional review looks like. To answer this question, we turn to data.

In our first ever benchmarks report, we set out to present life science companies with critical promotional review process data you can use to contextualize your own organization’s process and provide crucial insights to inform optimization efforts. Data presented in the report represents a subset of current Pepper Flow customers.

In this Benchmarks Report, you’ll learn:

  • Life science industry standards for the promotional review process, such as how long it takes to review and approve a piece of commercial content by industry, team size, and reviewer role

  • Current sentiments around the promotional review process

  • How utilizing purpose-built software impacts the promotional review process

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