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    How I could have saved time, money, and energy with Vodori’s Salesforce Connector

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    Before joining Vodori, my previous two roles were in the pharmaceutical industry leading a rare disease medical team, and then a primary care marketing team. In both roles, I found myself worrying about the same thing: how materials were being used by the field teams. Since joining Vodori, I now find myself wishing I’d had the functionality that Vodori’s Salesforce Connector offers, as it would have eased so much angst.

    As a Country Medical Lead in Big Pharma, I worried about the compliance risks if sales teams used unapproved, or out-of-date materials in the field. Wearing my marketing hat, I worried that our newly released materials were not being used, and out-of-date messaging was affecting the impact of our campaigns. In both roles, resource challenges also meant that I was constantly juggling how my teams spent their time; the manual uploading of new materials and the removal of out-of-date or recently withdrawn materials never felt like good use of time – they were critical, but time consuming activities.

    The Salesforce Connector would have allowed me to solve these big issues. This powerful add-on seamlessly syncs approved content directly from Pepper Flow to Salesforce. It is extremely quick to install, and for companies using Pepper Flow with Salesforce CRM (including Veeva CRM and IQVIA OCE) it gives the following benefits:

    • Confidence that only approved materials are being accessed by appropriate field teams (e.g. making sure only MSLs can access particular materials).
    • Confidence that field teams are using materials with the most up-to-date data and messages.
    • Reduced time spent by field teams tracking down approved and appropriate materials.
    • Reduced time spent by head office teams managing access to materials.
    • Reduced time for materials being made accessible to field teams.

    Further, when paired with Pepper Folio, it gives two more benefits:

    • Material can be accessed and shared directly from Pepper Folio via Salesforce without the need to download material, reducing compliance risks further.
    • Pepper Folio provides metrics on how material is being used, allowing for closed-loop measurement and more effective material development.

    I moved to Vodori to help people use MLR software that removes some of the day-to-day challenges I lived with for 10 years. The Salesforce Connector is another example that this was the right move! 

    Joe DiCapite

    Head of Strategy for UK/Europe

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