Arming your agencies with key MLR information to avoid common mistakes and get the job done

At any one time, you might be working with a dozen or more agency partners who help to create your promotional materials. You’ve shared all of the key promotional review process information with them—SOPs, turn-around times, job naming conventions, etc. However, you find yourself requesting unnecessary amendments in order to adhere to your requirements.

It’s not entirely surprising; your agencies are working several clients of their own, so keeping each company’s requirements straight and knowing who to contact in each scenario can be a daunting task. Turnover at agencies is also inevitable, creating another challenge of ensuring each new person is up to speed on your process.

We get it, and we want to help avoid unnecessary churn.

That’s why we created this downloadable MLR Reference Guide Template for you and your agencies to use. This template is intended to arm your agencies with key information and guidelines as they prepare materials for MLR review. It prompts you to provide answers to common questions such as:

  • In addition to the process coordinator’s contact information, have you provided your agencies with alternate contacts when the process coordinator is out of the office?
  • Do your primary contacts vary by product or disease state?
  • Is there a standard naming convention your agencies should follow when creating jobs or adding documents and references to the system? Should filename include year?
  • How do you want your agencies to name supporting documents? Does year, author’s last name, or journal name come first?

One size certainly does not fit all, so use this template as a starting point and tailor to the information that your agencies need in order to prevent repeat errors. And once you’ve started using it, let us know how it goes!

Download The Template Here