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    Latest Release of Pepper Flow® Promotional Review Software Announced | Vodori

    Includes FDA submissions capabilities, improved collaborative review features, increased workflow flexibility, and additional reporting capabilities


    Chicago, IL – April 26, 2018 — Vodori, Inc., an innovator in life science content management, announced today the release of the latest version of Pepper Flow®promotional review and approval system. Pepper Flow enables life science companies to route, review, collaborate, approve, and distribute content efficiently and compliantly.

    Pepper Flow is part of the Pepper® Cloud Product Suite, a hub of SaaS products that enables life science organizations to manage, approve, publish, and withdraw content on a global scale, all from one platform. Pepper Flow includes FDA submissions capabilities that enables users to manage promotional review requirements with ease and efficiency while accommodating for the different processes companies use to approach 2253 compliance.

    “The latest release of Pepper Flow is reflective of innovating at a furious pace,” said Dan Nolan, Senior Product Manager, Pepper Cloud. “All the features in our update have undergone extensive user testing with our MLR/PRC panel to ensure they’re intuitive and meet the nuanced needs of life science companies.”

    Highlights of the new features in Pepper Flow include:

    • Further Support for FDA Submissions – Pepper Flow allows users to easily gather promotional assets, reference documents, and generate a pre-populated FDA 2253 form using the information stored in Pepper Flow, reducing manual intervention and further streamlining the compliance process.
    • Improved Collaborative Review Features – Annotation styling helps users to more easily distinguish between comments from medical, legal, or regulatory reviewers and users can now mark comments as high priority. Improved “out of office” delegation allows users to assign responsibilities to other team members so they can vacation without worrying about holding up reviews.
    • Increased Workflow Flexibility – More flexibility in workflow configuration reduces the time it takes to populate properties and permits better support for business rules, both of which make initiating a review job even easier.
    • Additional Reporting Capabilities – In addition to the existing library of reports and insights, one-click download of the Audit Trail provides all the relevant information about a document’s compliant review in an easily exportable format that can be used to support an audit.

    As with all quarterly Pepper Cloud releases, customers can arrange convenient upgrade timing, and utilize no-cost validation and training as part of the unlimited Pepper Flow customer support included with every Pepper Cloud user license.

    About Vodori
    Since 2005, Vodori has been helping clients in the life science industry market, sell, support and service their clients. Vodori builds Pepper Flow, a SaaS platform for promotional material review. Vodori implements, deploys, and trains users on Pepper Flow. Vodori supports all our customers on Pepper Flow. One team, one platform, one commitment – our customers’ success.

    To learn more about how Pepper Flow can help you expedite approvals and publication, cut cost and risk, and drive commercial results, contact us at or  visit

    Niki Drelicharz
    Vodori, Inc.

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