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    Smart Reference Linking Announced for Promotional Review Process | Vodori

    Text recognition to suggest reference links, significantly reducing job preparation time


    Chicago, IL – June 12, 2018 — Vodori, Inc. today announced a significant enhancement to Pepper Flow®, Vodori’s promotional review and approval system built exclusively for life sciences. Pepper Flow enables life science companies to review, collaborate, approve, and distribute content efficiently and compliantly.

    During medical, legal, and regulatory (MLR) reviews, healthcare companies face tremendous scrutiny to clearly substantiate all claims made in their promotional materials. Preparers of those materials must therefore show the relationship between each claim and its substantiating literature or journal reference. In most promotional review systems, that relationship must be manually linked each time, even if the same claim is made in another promotional piece.

    Today Vodori announced smart reference linking, the ability for Pepper Flow to automatically search for and suggest references based on previous usage in the application, drastically reducing the amount of time necessary to prepare a document for MLR review, while also ensuring all claims are appropriately substantiated.


    “This innovation builds on our desire to make job preparation faster, easier and more accurate. We’re excited to deliver a feature that can save our customers hundreds of work-hours each year. The tedium of re-linking previously used claims to reference pieces is virtually eliminated and our customers and their marketing agencies are excited to offload this work to Pepper Flow,” said Scott Rovegno, President and CEO of Vodori.

    In addition to suggesting reference claims, customers can also see which promotional materials use each claim in the system, enabling a streamlined process for updating materials when a claim is deemed out of date or labeling information is revised.

    Smart reference linking will be available to all customers in October 2018. To learn more, visit or contact Vodori at to see a full demo.

    About Vodori
    Since 2005, Vodori has been helping clients in the life science industry market, sell, support and service their clients. Vodori builds, implements, and supports Pepper Flow for its customers. Pepper Flow is part of the Pepper Cloud® Product Suite, a hub of SaaS products that enables organizations to manage, approve, publish, and withdraw content on a global scale, all from one platform.

    Niki Drelicharz
    Vodori, Inc.

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