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    Vodori Announces Pepper Flow Digital Review for Web Content | Vodori

    Customers save time, simplify digital content reviews, and ensure audit compliance


    Chicago, IL – July 18, 2019 — Vodori, Inc. today announced the launch of Pepper Flow Digital Review, the first and only interactive web content review solution developed for the life science industry. With Pepper Flow Digital Review, customers can route, review, annotate, and comment directly on interactive web content, saving time and simplifying review workflows. This eliminates the steps of manually marking up screenshots of web content and routing PDF documents though the Medical, Legal, and Regulatory (MLR) review process.

    In surveying marketing, medical, legal, and regulatory professionals in the life science industry, Vodori found that:

    • the majority of content being routed for MLR review is either web or digital content,
    • the current process for reviewing digital content is both inefficient and frustrating for all involved, and
    • respondents expressed a strong desire for a more interactive, simpler solution.

    Pepper Flow Digital Review revolutionizes how MLR teams move content through the review and approval process. Instead of manually annotating PDFs, reviewers can digitally annotate and add commentary on top of any web page in review, regardless of the web content management system used. Not only does this reduce time spent in the review process, but it also helps individuals better understand web page functionality and context for annotations by reviewing pages in their native format. Reviewers can also automatically capture comments, changes, and screenshots within the system for audit trail and compliance purposes.

    “At Vodori, we continually push the envelope of product innovation for life sciences,” said Scott Rovegno, CEO at Vodori. “So often, technology dictates industry processes, but we believe this should be the other way around—achieving an optimal process should be the catalyst for technological growth and innovation. We’re proud to deliver a ground-breaking solution to an age-old industry problem that has historically caused headaches and bottlenecks for MLR teams. Customer feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. We look forward to helping our customers enhance their processes and reduce internal frustrations in the coming months as they fully adopt Pepper Flow Digital Review.”

    Pepper Flow Digital Review is available as an add-on to Vodori’s flagship product, Pepper Flow. Learn more here.

    About Vodori
    Founded in 2005, Vodori is revolutionizing how life science companies move regulated content from ideation through review, approval, and distribution with best-in-class, cloud-based software. Vodori’s company success stems from a commitment to unparalleled product design and usability, decades of industry knowledge, and world-class customer service.

    Vodori is the creator of the Pepper Cloud Product Suite, which encompasses Pepper Flow Commercial, Pepper Folio, and Pepper Flow Digital Review. For more information, visit

    Niki Drelicharz
    Vodori, Inc.

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