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    How does review time differ by role during the PRC process?

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    As promotional review committee (PRC) process experts in the life science space, we are often asked how content review times vary by role, department, or by team size. We set out to answer these questions and more in our first State of Promotional Review: Benchmarks and Insights for Life Sciences report. 

    The report, comprised of a subset of Pepper Flow customer data, reveals key benchmarks related to marketing, medical, legal, and regulatory content reviews at pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostic companies. Our goal is to give you a clear understanding of how you compare to your peers on critical PRC process metrics to help you inform optimization efforts.


    Report sneak peak: PRC review times by role (days)


    prc review times by role

    Our findings show that legal reviewers typically take the longest to review and approve content at just over eight days. Often, there are fewer legal reviewers at any given organization, therefore their workloads look different than other departments. When legal is tasked with a review, it likely competes with several other high-priority to-dos, which adds to their review and approval time.

    Medical & Regulatory
    Regulatory and medical reviewers are extremely detail-oriented when reviewing content, as they need to pay close attention to claims being made and if the piece is adhering to internal or governmental guidelines. This deep compliance focus during review is a contributing factor as to why their review times are, on average, just over three days.

    Marketing roles are the fastest to review and approve content at two and a half days. For many organizations, the marketing or commercial teams own the promotional review process. Therefore, it takes less time for these teams to review and approve content since they participate in content creation and are familiar with the materials before they review.


    Curious to learn more?

    Download the full report to understand how your PRC process metrics compare to your peers.


    Download the full report for access to:

    • Process metrics by team size
    • Average job durations
    • Average review durations
    • Average number of circulations
    • Average jobs approved per month
    • Survey results on current sentiments around the promotional review process
    • Survey results on how utilizing purpose-built software impacts the promotional review process
    • Process tips on how to improve your promotional review processes

    Annalise Ludtke

    Senior Manager, Marketing Communications at Vodori

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