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    Why your team’s satisfaction with your medical, legal, regulatory review software matters

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    Having the right medical, legal, regulatory review software in place at your organization is essential for commercial success. The speed and compliance at which your team moves through the review process has a direct impact on your organization’s ability to be both proactive and reactive with your omnichannel marketing efforts. 

    What’s the “right” software solution? Data from our recent research report–2022 State of Promotional Review: Benchmarks and Insights for LIfe Sciences–reveals that your team’s satisfaction with your software plays a huge role. Let’s take a closer look at what the numbers say, what they mean, and how all of it can help you achieve optimal performance within your promotional review team. 

    User satisfaction goes hand in hand with faster time to market

    On average, companies that report a high degree of satisfaction with their material review software have the shortest job duration and the fastest review time. In fact the most satisfied companies knock nearly four days off of their full turnaround from preparation to completion (an average 14.9 days for the less satisfied, and 11.1 for those most satisfied) and two days off of the review process itself (7.7 days to 5.7 days, respectively). 

    Material review software user satisfaction benchmarks 2022

    This underscores the relationship between easy-to-use software and an organization’s ability to maximize commercial results. When software is easy to use, organizations experience a higher rate of user adoption and subsequently, process adherence. High rates of process adherence equate to increased process compliance. Teams are able to better execute on commercial strategies when preparing, uploading, reviewing, and approving content is easy, streamlined, and compliant. The promotional review process should fully support your commercial plans and strategies, not present barriers for your team to overcome.


    What contributes to higher satisfaction with your medical, legal, regulatory review software?

    With the demands of the sales cycle growing faster and the regulatory demands governing life sciences content ever more rigorous, using an easy-to-use, cloud-based solution to handle promotional review isA good cloud-based promotional review solution cleans up and automates out all the tangles native to a manual promotional review process–it drastically reduces compliance risk at every step in the process, making promotional review both efficient and compliant. 

    But not every solution is as effective as every other. Maximizing effectiveness, compliance, and team satisfaction, relies on such features as: 

    • A single, integrated interface: Having to shuttle documents back and forth between computers via email attachment or shared drives to run them through different solutions or managed by different departments can create all sorts of stress and confusion. A single cloud-based solution that’s built to handle all the review-related tasks you need is essential.
    • Built-in simplicity: Promotional review solutions are there to make the complicated process run smoothly. Extra menus, difficult-to-understand commands, and duplicated features nested in different parts of the solution can add to the problem they’re trying to solve. So simple, intuitive design that’s easy to learn and easy to use is important.
    • Customization from the outset and ongoing: Promotional review workflows can differ depending on the layout of teams, the specifics of a tech stack, and any other number of factors. A best-in-class solution is built out to spec, and can track usage data to recognize pain points and address them, so the process is always getting faster, more accurate, and easier to manage.

    In short, making sure your team is satisfied with a promotional review process is a worthwhile investment. Want to learn more about the state of promotional review in 2022? Download our full benchmarks report here. 

    Annalise Ludtke

    Senior Manager, Marketing Communications at Vodori

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